Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Discoveries!

I'm holding off a bit on FINITY and MOTHER OF STORMS because I'm finding so much material for the collections I've already listed. For THE CENTURY NEXT DOOR collection in particular -- that auction closes tomorrow -- I just found two really cool items -- the final-for-the-editor draft of WITH HIS CANDLE LIT INTO THE SUN (which became CANDLE), and the original of the Future History Chart (I thought I only had a bad photocopy) on the back of four sheets of fanfold (and the front side is four pages from my produced-just-once play, EYE HEART SHOES, which is the story of a young foot fetishist who loses his job in a shoe factory but finds happiness by responding to advertising. Heartwarming fun for the whole family, if there are any directors out there looking for scripts I suppose ... (I do have a complete draft of the rest of it, but that's not part of this auction!)

And you can find it at

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John Barnes said...

Then again, maybe they won't let me. Let's try putting in that link here, anyway ...

And whether that worked or not, the thing I forgot to add was that I actually found so much stuff for SIN OF ORIGIN that I'll have to list it tomorrow -- it's getting late and I'm very tired -- and probably revise shipping cost upward, along with a lot of small, interesting fragmentary stuff for THE MAN WHO PULLED DOWN THE SKY. More soon