Friday, February 23, 2007

Even more SIN for your money!

I discovered that trying to maintain catalogs of each collection while unpacking all the boxes was just too much for one me to get accomplished, so I got done with the unpacking and sorting today, and now I'm cataloging collections. SIN OF ORIGIN turned out to have twelve more items in addition to the 16 already in the collection. Bidding is still open as I write, and you can find full details at

But meanwhile, here's what else I found (check a few messages back for the original list that ended with Item P)

Q MFA Thesis version of Sin of Origin May 1988 Sin of Origin was my MFA thesis in creative writing at U of Montana. Actually it was a last desperate way to claim the thesis after a series of catastrophes; being able to ask "Will you take a published novel?" saved my degree
R Cutting draft of THE LIMIT OF VISION August or September 1987 This is a draft on fanfold of Part I of Sin of Origin, which I edited very tightly to get it down to acceptable length for Asimov's SF Magazine, where it ran as the novella "The Limit of Vision"
S Agency copy of Sin of Origin (stamped by agent) January 1987 This was the master hardcopy my agent used to prep and mail copies of the novel (we weren't tied in to the Asimov Presents series so he submitted it some other places as well)
T Draft 3.1 of Sin of Origin, unburst fanfold, some duplicated pages Late November 1986 I remember this thing grinding away in the background (on a noisy daisy wheel printer) while we had guests over for Thanksgiving. This is the copy I marked up and edited to create the final draft from.
U Pages 1-19 of second draft of Limit of Vision October 1987 Only pages of this version I found, unburst fanfold, incorporates marked changes from Item R, occasionally marked in my handwriting
V Photos of South Dakota Badlands, visual research for Sin of Origin Summer 1985 When I can I often take pictures as research; the Spens Desert, where much of the action takes place, was based of the South Dakota Badlands, which I drove through that summer
W one page note, torn from notebookl, about novel structure for Sin of Origin May 1986 Dated by other material around it (the notebook mostly contained other material for other books)
X Final draft of SIN OF ORIGIN December 1986 Draft from which agent draft (Item S) was photocopied; the original. No hand markings, this was basically the "camera copy" in those long ago days when printing was expensive
Y Final draft of THE LIMIT OF VISION November 1987 Photocopy of this was submitted to Gardner Dozois
Z Photocopy of the original SIN OF ORIGIN, reduced to 70% (2 pages to a sheet), copy used to prepare copies for my MFA Thesis committee April 1988 Unmarked. This is what the members of the committee read in order to approve my MFA thesis; their copies were shot from this
AA Davis Publications (Asimov's SF) galleys for THE LIMIT OF VISION Postmarked Feb 3, 1988 photocopy, many corrections in my handwriting
BB Revised galleys of SIN OF ORIGIN Jan 7, 1988 The first page proofs (Item L) were such a mess that we had to make a second pass; this copy too is very heavily marked; it's the security photocopy, not the original

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