Saturday, December 30, 2006

Plugging right along

The Fillmore Memorabilia cases -- basically all that mess originating in Bill Graham's estate -- is doing a very nice job of convincing me that I'm right that there needs to be some model way for the collector, scholar, and creative artist to all have the access (and the income) that they need.

Speaking of income in a roundabout way, those of you who know my fascination with languages -- or better yet share it -- might want to check out the current auctions at

where I'm selling off paired editions of English + some other language editions of my books. Collectors get a shot at something otherwise very hard to get, but language students get invaluable practice reading superb science fiction (by a fellow of quite charming modesty) in two different languages. Not to mention that in a few cases I suspect my French translators of being better writers than myself.

And finally, TA-DA! It's up and it's there. Rush right over to

to find my latest short story, "Rod Rapid and His Electric Chair." And right next to that fine story, you will find a way you can donate money to Helix -- a very convenient way, since while you were all buying those foreign editions on eBay, you probably did it with your PayPal account.

Just below that fine story, you'll find a number of other fine stories ... read the whole issue, it's free except that your conscience will insist on your donating a bit to the cause. Listen carefully, you can hear your conscience now ...

And that was all the plugging for a while. Next post I hope will be about the Bill Graham estate, and we'll get back to the high-falutin' stuff then. Meanwhile, a guy -- and a magazine -- has got to eat ...


S Andrew Swann said...

"Rod Rapid" is a seriously cool story. I really like that you used a plot device I've used, and came up with something completely different. (That struck me enough that I posted about it on my own blog.) That bit of synchronicity aside, it's just a great ride :)

S Andrew Swann said...

PS- I found the story because of a nice writeup you got in Tangent Online.